The Cloak Cocktails

Europe's Rejects

"To the land of opportunity!" one said. "Well we have no choice, do we mate?" Said another. The English sent their criminals to Australia. The French King sent his mistresses to colonize Quebec. The Irish were just looking for land of their own.This is an homage to the travelers, the unwanted, the desperate who had to take a chance in the "new world" and made it what it is today.

Australian Outlaws...14

blended malt whisky, rum, coconut, kalamansi lime, sugar, eucalyptus

New England Yankees...14

irish whiskey, american rye, italian amaro, german pear eau de vie

Resurrected Liquors

In a crowded room, you suddenly pick up a scent, a perfume if you will, that throws you back in time in your mind. You can be sure if you have European ancestry, your family used to make one of these liqueurs at home. Though perhaps lost in transition to the New World, we finally picked up on them. Better late than never.

Crème de Thé...14

hendrick’s gin, crème de thé, fernet branca


highland park 12, ooskavah, gold, demerara, lemon sour

IndoChine & The Trade Route

Feel the wind in your beard and taste the salt in your lungs! Your eyes are squinting against the sun on the horizon. Have you made it? You are on the edge of the map now, mates. Enough of the salt and pepper, you crave the warm spices of an exotic land.

Chartreuse Swizzle...14

chartreuse, lapsang souchong tea, orgeat, lime

Nordic Gin Sour...14

gin, indonesian long pepper, aquavit, verveine, lemon sour

The Serious Banana Daiquiri...12

havana club 3 year rum, banana, chinese five spices, lime, sugar

21st Century Punch...12

mace & nutmeg, absolut, beefeater 24, campari, elderflower, sugar, citrus, clarified milk

Old Smoke Joe...14

rye, black cardamom, coffee liquor, fernet branca, demerara

Famous Brits

The spotlight, or any public eye for that matter, can make you want to live in the shadows. No matter how furtive you are, if you’re famous, the oddest bits of information will be unruffled and scrutinized. These cocktails are inspired by these unique characters, who walk to the beat of their own drum.


bourbon, coconut washed rum, demerara, chocolate bitters, himalayan salt

Elizabeth II...12

gin, dubonnet, elderflower, mandarin bitters, milkweed